Penn State Wilkes-Barre offers small, friendly classes and an approachable faculty, while you are earning a degree that carries the weight of a world-class research and teaching institution. You can begin any one of over 275 Penn State majors here at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, and complete your degree at another Penn State campus (the 2+2 Plan). Or, you can remain with us and earn one of several bachelor’s or associate degrees (listed below) right here. A variety of certificate programs are also available. No matter where you start, no matter where you finish, your degree will be a Penn State degree — one of the most respected in the country.

Follow the links below to explore your alternatives, and take advantage of the best of both worlds here at Penn State Wilkes-Barre!

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Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Start here. Finish here. A bachelor’s (or baccalaureate) degree program is an under­grad­uate 4-year degree program. Penn State Wilkes-Barre of­fers students the opportunity to complete one of eight bachelor’s degrees on this campus.

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Associate Degree Programs

Start here. Finish here. An associate degree is an undergraduate 2-year degree program in which students gain the basic academic knowledge and skills needed to gain employment or to continue their studies in a bachelor’s degree program. (Courses taken for an associate degree will transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in many Penn State majors, as well as to other universities.) Penn State Wilkes-Barre offers students the opportunity to complete one of four associate degrees on this campus.

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2+2 Plan

Start here. Finish there. Some students choose to remain at one campus for all four years, while other students spend their first two years at one campus and transition to University Park or another campus for their remaining two years. No matter where you start, no matter where you finish, your degree will be a Penn State degree, one of the most respected in the country.

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A minor is a focused specialty in an academic area that supports your major. It can supplement knowledge and provide complementary skills, enhancing your competitiveness in the job market.

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Certificate Programs

A certificate program is a sequence of classes that provides you with core competencies in a specific area. Gain knowledge in a new subject area, stay current with developments in your field, acquire new skills, or learn the latest technology. A certificate is an excellent credential to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities.

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Academic Services

As a student at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, there are a wide range of academic services and programs available to support you as you work toward your educational and career goals.